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We offer Professional Translation Services for E-learning Courses and Education Materials into Brazilian Portuguese.

SCG Law & Language offers translation services where we translate e-learning content, courses, and education materials from English into Brazilian Portuguese. We also do the translation of e-learning websites and platforms, translation of written and audiovisual courses, subtitling, and voiceover of videos for training in Portuguese.


We provide a professional translation service, which aims to help e-learning firms to develop quickly by making their e-learning courses and educational materials available to the language of their potential Brazilian Portuguese speaking students. By providing training in Portuguese you can raise the number of Portuguese students enrolled in every course, along with their gratification and ability to progress in their courses.

Translation of e-learning content, courses, and education materials


The translation of e-learning content, courses, and education materials will attract more students. Many students are looking for content to develop their skills, and some are looking for source materials that they could use for their learning improvement. Having e-learning translated into Brazilian Portuguese could draw more Brazilian students to enroll in your courses or to get access to your education materials.


Additionally, you can ensure that e-learning translated into Portuguese by a professional translator will help you to improve your online marketing for every one of your courses as clients can effortlessly search the content of their class by looking in the Portuguese language.


It is also easier to promote your e-learning to Brazilian students. They will want to enroll in other courses or access your educational content as they can easily understand all the lessons in every course because it is written in their language.


The translation of e-learning content, courses, and education materials in Portuguese can significantly increase your revenue, as well as set your position as a business leader in the Brazilian market. It is also a great approach to access new business sectors and be on the head of the e-learning industry!


Observe that you should have an expert translator that is specialized in translating content from English into Brazilian Portuguese from various subjects or fields in the courses that you offer. When a business firm teaches its employees in their local language, it lessens the time of the training and enhances the results acquired from the courses; therefore, it increases the efficiency of the business.


E-learning and training businesses that use the approach of translating their courses and education materials in Portuguese or in other languages can expect accelerated growth.


Translation of e-learning websites and platforms


Aside from the translation of e-learning courses and education materials, it is also necessary that you translate your e-learning websites and platforms to make it easier for your user to access the content.


In this matter, you must have a professional translator for Portuguese e-learning to do a specialized translation of your platform, considering that this is your entry spot for the users of your courses. This job is straightforward since the content is likely limited and less dynamic than that of the offered courses themselves.


Voiceover of training and institutional videos


We also do the narration of e-learning in Portuguese and English, to increase the student satisfaction and success of your e-learning business. The voiceover of training courses with exclusive translation services can help maximize the enrollment as well as the participation of the student. Having a voiceover of training videos in Portuguese and English will also increase the brand image of your e-learning business.


Subtitling and Translation


Multimedia materials and AV or Audiovisuals are continuously being used in the training courses design, whether online or in-person. Occasionally, we see this type of education material is not adapted fully in the local language of the students, mainly in Portuguese, resulting in a disadvantage effect on the students and the image of the e-learning business. Thus, we provide subtitling and translation in the local language of the student to provide a better learning experience.


If you are also looking for large volumes of details of e-learning translation service, we provide translation service and post-editing for e-learning performed by expert local translators.

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The Importance of E-learning Translated into Portuguese


Students and even professionals, including Brazilians, usually do self-training instead of hiring someone to teach them. Some users demand their content for training to be compatible in almost all professional sectors. While learning a new thing is a great challenge, doing so in a language that you do not understand makes it even more complicated and daunting. Thus, having e-learning translated into Portuguese can make the learning more captivating and enhance enrollment. As a result, you will gain more revenue from your Portuguese e-learning courses.


If you are ready to go on the next level of providing quality e-learning training, then we got you covered! We deliver a fast, precise, and efficient translation for all your e-learning courses, content, education materials, as well as voiceover, translation, and subtitling in Portuguese






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